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GarbhaSanskar (Pregnancy)


Your question will be
What is GarbhaSanskar?
Is there any special ritual to be performed in it?
Is there any mantra, chanting, fasting or worship?
In short, what do aspiring couples have to do?
So the answer is,

If we look at the Vedic meaning of the word ‘sanskar’, it means to change or transform the quality of a thing.
EG: Coal is transformed into a diamond through Heat/fire & that process is called sanskar. In this way, to develop the various organs and psychological health of the fetus, the efforts to be made by the couple to make the fetus of good qualities is called ‘Garbhasanskar’.

It is a journey of a couple from the time a couple thinks of becoming parents to the time the toddler is 1/2 years old. This is not like a two minute or two-hour youtube video that will result in success. But this is a Practical Manual. Way of Living of How to be a Parents even before being parents.

How much brainstorming would you do if you had to buy a car? You will look at the features of all the cars in the market. You will Compare prices, colour & Take a test drive. After that, you decide which car to buy. True? A car – which is just a convenience. You think this much about it.

Now imagine What you should have to do to bring a Life in this beautiful world?

“The creation must always be meaningful” Kashyap Dave (Author)

Bringing a Life/living child who will be our reflection for a lifetime towards the world will require hard work on self, self-discipline, precautions and awareness of the self.

Have you ever seen a potter? The potter knows how to shape his pot so that he can create the structure he imagined. Have we ever imagined what kind of a baby we want?

By examining the parents before the process and together working on it with our guide to making the best creation of life, The benefits will be the baby is born talented, healthy, disease-free and has a strong immune system. This is the medical practice certified by the sages or this embryology
‘Ayurvedic Embryology.’ – Dr Chandni Joshi, B.A.M.S (G.A.U)

“When we heal ourselves, we heal our next generation”. – Kashyap Dave (Author)

4 Steps of Pregnancy

A) Initiative
B) Process
C) Pre-Birth
D) Post-Birth

requires intense Psychological healthcare. With a positive attitude, positive results aren’t possible. Only a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Above each step, we also provide Positive sessions in Combination with Physical treatment which is based on Ayurveda.

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