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Ayurveda the only way to go – part 2

Today we will learn more about types of Chikitsa In Ayurveda, Chikitsa is classified into 3 types Daivavyapashraya Chikitsa Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa Satvavajaya Chikitsa Yuktivyapashraya chikitsa (Rational Treatment): Yuktivyapasraya is a treatment based on fundamental principles of Ayurveda. The term Yukti refers to the union, connection, reasoning device, strategy, artifice, expedients and application. Yuktivyapashraya means a

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Ayurveda the only way to go

This article helps readers to understand the Ayurveda, the Chikitsa and the types of treatment that can be availed @Atharva Clinic Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine: “The ancient science that describes the four types of life were advantages and disadvantages, happiness and sorrow, along with the right and wrong way of living it. Its

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