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Sarathi means a charioteer or guide to bring yourself out of the dark battlefield of life voluntarily. This book is to awaken the understanding of human beings through which the dormant powers within you can be awakened to life. Two keys are needed to awake your self one is within you the other one will require you to read, understand and follow this book. The one wants to make you your best. You will be able to open the closed doors of your mind. This book is designed to enhance and develop your understanding. Just as the ray of light in darkness removes that darkness, so does reading, understanding, following and implementing what is often said, written & explained will remove the darkness in your life. Leading to a light-like change in your life that develops your mind/consciousness and eventually your life resulting in a happy and purposeful life. – Dr Chandni Joshi.

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we would love to spread our love for the world with an intention of making a home of human being’s a beautiful place for them to live inside. We are proud to live in this period of human consciousness to guide, help and support them in their journey. By Showing them the light within, in their dark times and make them stand on their feet in both ways mentally & physically. Only you can save yourself is the only truth but you can’t save yourself without help is also a truth. So here’s that help for me, you and the world. With love from Atharva Clinic.

About the author

Kashyap Dave

A Psychologist to a patient, a Philosopher to a wanderer, a Spiritualist to a believer, an Author to a pragmatic and the list goes on but the fact is people only see in you the way they are. The only aim is not to make you believe in external noise but to make you believe in yourself.

We have a Way to go:

It’s just a human mind’s incapability at the moment for not being able to find the way or method that proves the connection between spiritual reality to physical reality.

I’m not here to make you believe in god but to make you believe in yourself.

The secret to happiness is to do the things your soul wants you to do, while the secret to joy is to never do the things your soul regrets.

Kashyap Dave

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Psychologically we all are gifted in a unique way & that gift can be yours but only if we have the courage & patience to look inside self.


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