"Only if you have a healthy mind you
can have a healthy body"
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Atharva Clinic is a leading Ayurveda family practice healthcare providing a complete complement of care & treatment options for patients throughout. With its dedication on in-depth subjects starting from Yuktivyapashraya ,Satvavajaya especially in Manovikarras & state-of -the-art Daivavyapashraya chikitsa. Atharva Clinic is committed to helping every person for healthy mind & body and spirit which leads to healthy life. Together We care for you and your health. We will walk with you and help you out of your health issues. Our caring and your positive efforts leads us to a healthy self and a healthy world.

Psychological Healthcare

Meditation is Helpful

Talking to a professional Psychologist does not make you look weak. It is a sign of your inner strength which conveys that you are capable of facing your truth and also are committed to bring improvement to your life. Stay Strong, Dare to Share. 



An Ancient manual for the human body

The main purpose & objective of Ayurveda is to not only to eradicate diseases but to maintain the health in a healthy person. Since we entered our modern era there’s a need for Clarification on few things about Ayurveda especially for the natives :

Ayurveda is the root and Modern medical science is the fruit and both have their own benefits one cures the incurable while the another cures through technology.

Ayurveda is not the treasure but an unexplored path that leads to many treasures of modern medical science.

Ayurveda is the upaveda of atharvaveda the fourth one of the four vedas in Hinduism. The things are explained in a spiritual riddles so that we can explore maximum out of it. Accept this way. 

And now Last but not the least :

Accept Ayurveda without any shame because of it’s linkage to the spiritual path. Be proud about it. While respecting and celebrating modern medical science’s success based on it. We must adapt to learn the reap the benefits of the sun and the moon for a better healthy world.


A self help book of the civilization. 

(Gujarati Edition)

sarathi ebook

we would love to spread our love for the  world with an intention of making a home of human being’s a beautiful place for them to live inside. We are proud to live in this period of human consciousness to guide, help and support them in their journey. By Showing them the light within, in their dark times and make them stand on their feet in both ways mentally & physically. Only you can save yourself is the only truth but you can’t save yourself without a help is also a truth. So here’s that help for me, you and the world. With love from Atharva Clinic.

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Women's Healthcare (Garbhasanskar)​

Have you ever seen a potter? The potter knows how to shape his pot so that he can create the item he imagined. Have we ever imagined what kind of baby we want?


You Choose the Path You Believe

& we walk with you to Bring you your Life
Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa (Medicinal therapy)

The term Yukti refers to the union, connection, reasoning device, strategy, artifice, expedients and application. It means a method of treatment by the careful and purposeful use of various drugs from rational thinking. It corrects inappropriate diets and lifestyles through the use of ayurvedic drug.

Satvavajaya Chikitsa (Psychotherapy) Drug-Free

It refers to self-command, the strength of mind or character. It aims at the control of the mind by restraining the mind means victory over the mind or control of the mind by keeping the thoughts of the mind under control. Only through counselling sessions & your dedication. Be your master.

ManoVikaras (mental disorders)

The fluctuations of mind can be suppressed by persistent practice of the eightfold path of Yoga & Vairagya that brings back normal state & plays a significant role preventing & curing mental illness & in maintaining a harmonious state that Ultimately leads to a happy and healthy state.

Daivavyapashraya Chikitsa (Non-Medicinal therapy)

It is a sort of divine therapy derived mainly from Atharvaveda. It means any therapy that depends on or linked to Daiva(unknown) or is concerned with all the unknown circumstance, which is beyond the purview of reasoning. This treatment is often referred to as spiritual therapy. Yet it is and is not.

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